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What Does a Support Coordinator Do?

October 5, 2023

A support coordinator plays a key role in assisting NDIS participants to understand and implement their NDIS plans. Their main responsibilities include:

Helping Participants Understand Their NDIS Plans

  • Explaining the different sections of the participant’s NDIS plan and what they mean
  • Clarifying the funding amounts for each support category
  • Advising on rules around using the funding, like when quotes or service bookings are required
  • Assisting the participant to align their goals with the supports funded in their plan

Connecting Participants to Supports and Services

  • Identifying supports and services, both NDIS-funded and mainstream, that can help the participant achieve their goals
  • Finding and connecting the participant with suitable service providers that meet their needs
  • Negotiating services to be provided and their prices on the participant’s behalf
  • Arranging assessments if required, like for assistive technology or home modifications

Coordinating and Managing Supports

  • Developing a schedule of supports aligned with the participant’s goals and NDIS plan budget
  • Acting as the key contact for providers if any issues arise with service delivery
  • Monitoring spending levels and advising if the plan budget needs adjusting
  • Submitting payment requests to the participant’s plan or invoice management provider

Building Participant Capacity

  • Coaching the participant to increase their skills using NDIS systems and processes independently
  • Working with the participant’s family and carers to help implement the plan where relevant
  • Identifying where further coaching is needed to strengthen the participant’s ability to self-manage their plan

Preparing for Plan Reviews

  • Tracking the participant’s progress towards their goals
  • Compiling evidence and writing NDIA-requested reports on outcomes achieved
  • Supporting the participant to identify any changes needed to their goals or plan prior to plan review

In summary, a support coordinator’s role is to simplify the NDIS for participants, connect them to the right supports, coordinate their services, and build their skills – with the end goal of increasing their independence and capacity to manage their own plans.


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